Who are we?

Hi, we are Taticus, a small company that is entering the video game market in Brazil and worldwide, and we have ambitious projects to share with you.


We love getting involved with players in the creation process. No one better to help decide what needs to be done in a game than those passionate gamers, who spend the night hours devoting hours of their time to conquer so many things in the adventures we create.

We want you to interact, give opinions, discuss and bring incredible ideas to contribute to the creation of the new universes that we are creating.

We at Taticus believe that art goes far beyond the passing of time, we believe that it is possible to improve the world through the exercise of creativity and reflection, which is why we have developed games!

To make the world a better place, it is necessary to educate the human being more positively. We believe that the exercise of creativity is the starting point for transformations that help us mature and so we have the mission of creating interactive entertainment experiences that are able to help people realize that it is fun to think.

Our team is composed of people who dedicate part of their lives to the creation of these universes. Most of us are employed in other positions to survive, but we choose to be here to be able to do what we really love.